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Q: Why should I consider garage floor epoxy?


A: An epoxy garage floor coating is a great investment in your home that can even boost your home’s value. Garage epoxy is also practical because it stops concrete dusting and delivers a bright, nonporous, and low-care floor that can last decades. Our garage epoxy coatings resist all types of damage, including hot tire pick up, gas and oil spills, road salt, impacts. You can choose from many design options to transform your garage into a clean, attractive space to work on your car and hobbies or just store your belongings.

Q: I have a friend that did his own floor and it is peeling up in several places. What makes your product better than what he used?

A: Your friend more than likely used a "kit" from a big box store or paint store. These kits are cheap, they have been made and chemically created to make the application process easy and simple. They are cheap because the substances and mixtures are inferior to the industrial epoxy mixture we use. These kits are little more than Epoxy paint that goes down at room temperature. Our product is a chemically mixed resin, mixed on site that goes down extremely hot. The key to our extremely floor durability is the time, energy, and effort we put into the "prep" stage. Our “5-Step" process is not easy because we grind every square inch of your floor surface to insure that we get a bond and adhesion that would last a long time

Q: How long can a professional epoxy flooring system really last?


A: The longevity of epoxy flooring depends on three important factors: the quality of the epoxy product, how well the concrete is prepared before installation, and the setting. Professionally installed epoxy floor coatings can last 15-25 years in a residential or low-demand setting, including a garage, with a new topcoat applied occasionally. In a commercial or industrial setting, epoxy flooring can last anywhere from 8 to 15 years without delaminating, staining, or breaking down.

Q: My floor has cracks in it, can you fix it?


A:Yes, we can patch whatever cracks there are and continue on with the process.

Q: How long does it take to install a garage epoxy floor?


A: As a general rule, our epoxy flooring contractors only need one to two days to install garage floor epoxy. This includes preparing the concrete with repairs and diamond grinding and the actual epoxy installation. Once the epoxy floor is installed, you will need to give it time to cure before walking or driving on the surface. We recommend waiting 1 to 2 days before allowing light foot traffic and 5 days to cure before driving on your new garage floor epoxy.

Q: Do your color chips provide a non-skid surface? Do I really need the non-skid additive?


A: Yes, the chips will provide a very small amount of non skid. Once you clear coat over the top of the chips it seals them in and puts the shiny gloss coating over them. This does make the floor slick when water gets on the surface. The non skid is broadcasted into the top coat and rolled in for better traction.  

Q: What type of maintenance does epoxy flooring require?


A: Epoxy flooring requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking and performing its best. The floor should be swept regularly to remove grit that can become embedded in the floor over time. As needed, mop the surface with a cleaning product that is not acidic as this can degloss the surface. Avoid soap-based cleaners because they can leave a slippery soap buildup on the surface. CLR or TSP can be used to treat any stains or rust spots on the epoxy. Protect the floor from damage by using plywood to cushion heavy loads and welding mats if necessary.

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